Have you ever heard the saying "a picture is worth 1,000 words"?

How much is that picture worth when it's drawn from your data?


You don't have to repeat yourself anymore!

Imagine this, you give your presentation with your well-designed graphs and days later people are still discussing the data you presented.

That why we best in class visualizations

Well-designed data visualization can help your audience better understand and remember your message. Default charts aren't going to cut it. To drive change for your clients or across your organization, you have to design with a keen understanding of WHY.


  • Everything we do we tailor to your unique context

  • Our white label work with feel native

  • Avoid pushback by designing by accounting for audience biases

What is it like to work with us?

All of our projects start by getting to know you, your business and your audience. This discovery phase is where we learn to speak your language. The insights gathered during the discovery phase will be worked into the final solution to help your audience better engage with the work.

The team as Viz Simply then collaborates to develop a dashboard, presentation, infographic or other material best suited to help you accomplish your goals. We do all of our work remotely which saves you from the hassle of keeping tabs on the team. We communicate often and proactively to keep you fully informed as to the progress we are making as well questions we have for you and your team.

The last phase involves handing off our solution to you. This stage is where you take back ownership. But don't worry, we put the extra time to walk you through the work we have done and support documentation. Through our experience, we have learned how vital this step is to ensure you realize the value of your investment.

There is nothing more important than enabling you to leverage our solution to the fullest.

we invite you to talk to us

If this offer seems like something that could help you or your team, then I am happy to see if we are a good fit for one another.

If clarity is what you are after, then we can help you structure your dirty data to find insights worthy of your attention.  This project can also be a quick exercise in taking an existing visualization from something that only works for few to something everyone can understand.

If you don't have time to learn Tableau or Adobe Illustrator to design graphics that pop, then let us help you. We have already mastered these tools. But the means alone won't get you results. For that, we apply data visualization best practices to every dashboard we create. This treatment ensures your message is received with clarity and accuracy to drive action.

If infographics are what you need, then we can design a static, poster-worthy infographic ready for print. These pieces will be prepared to incorporate into product releases, ad campaigns, or social media outreach to elegantly educate and excite your audience.

When we design pitch decks and presentations, we condense all the knowledge you need to deliver into succinct slides that strum the heartstrings of your stakeholders to win them over to your side.

hear what others have said about working with us

Patrick Hennessy: I contacted Robert for advice on a dashboard for client project. My specialty revolves more around data engineering and data management, so I was looking for feedback on the visualization. Robert was able to meet remotely, very promptly and walk me through how he typically approaches a data storytelling problem, as well as identify alternative ways of presenting the data. Robert quickly identified a couple confusing or misleading visualizations in my dashboard I was able to clean up, as well as help guide the flow in the dashboard by suggesting rearrangements. Overall, my client was very happy with the results.

Mavuno: Working with Viz Simply added significant value to our organization and data visualization capacity. Rob was able to adjust to our unique needs, was patient with our learning curve and provided resources and examples to help with our continued growth. He is obviously knowledgeable about a wide range of topics and provided guidance beyond just viz creation, but on overall organizational use and understanding of data and its use in telling the story.

frequently asked questions

We are very protective of our data. How do you keep confidential information secure? We are also we concerned about the security of the information you share with us. Before starting any sensitive projects, we sign every necessary NDA. All documents are secure in a Basecamp project. Access the project is granted selectively to only those who have proper permissions. 

How long does it take to complete a data visualization project? Timelines can vary drastically, based on your needs. The more you explore a topic, the more information you will reveal. If the data is in poor condition, then we could spend a week working that our for you. But most data visualization projects can be complete within a few weeks.

How do you make sure your work gets results? We can't guarantee that you will see X% increase in revenue within six months, but we can promise that your audience will better understand your message.  We can be confident in this because of our experience delivering results for clients throughout the years as well as our independent study of human visual perception works. Combining our experience with this in-depth knowledge allows us to effectively communicate with your audience.


Are you ready to see your data more clearly?

Grab 15 minutes with us to see if we are the right team for you.

what is stopping you from seeing your data clearly?

Our minds are awful at quickly making sense of text.  This is great if you have something to hide. We like to people to realize insight quickly with a little strain as possible.

See what you are missing by working with us to distill information from your data so results can be realized.

We have a special offer anyone who works with us before the end of the year.

All you have to do is book that time to talk with us. If with feel our skills our a good fit for your project, just mention the discount code "Simply2017" to receive 17% off the full price the final delivery.

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