Let me take a selfie!

One of my data viz friends, who arguably has THE most enviable domain name, dataviz.love, recently introduced me to a fun sketching project. In the project Giorgia Lupi, master of pretty, personalized data visualizations and more, shares a step-by-step approach we can follow to draw selfies.

Now, don't let the lightheartedness of sketching, obscure the deeper point. Giorgia has far more meaningful motives than helping you attract more Insta followers ❤️

How do I know?

I know, because Giorgia shares her views in this post and this video. There she elaborates on how data visualization and design have the potential to make us more human .

In the post, we are reminded that "data is primarily human-made. “Data-driven” doesn’t mean “unmistakably true,” and it never did."

She goes on to encourage us, by saying "we should keep in mind how data can be a powerful tool for all…, bringing stories to life in a visual way and adding structural meaning to our projects."

What better story to bring to life than our lives?

For attendees of TED 2017 in Toronto, Giorgia’s design agency Accurat, along with David Stark Design, created a personalized button making framework for attendees.

Don’t worry; I am feeling the FOMO too. I can only imagine how many people connected on a personal level thanks to these cute, catalysts for conversation.

 Credit: Giorgia Lupi

Credit: Giorgia Lupi

The D3 Unconf shares similar shenanigans with their attendees.

During registration, you're asked to create a GIF of any chart you have made with D3. This exercise serves as both a filter to ensure all attendees have used D3, while also providing organizers with something GIFable (is that a real word).

Here’s Nadieh Bremer, playing with a badge the Unconf Organizers made from of her Data Sketches visualization for July.

 Credit: @NadiehBremer

Credit: @NadiehBremer

Thankfully you don’t need a conference or experience with D3 to sketch your selfie. Giorgia Lupi has created a step-by-step, so anyone can make a personalized self-portrait.

Here’s what I look like on paper.

 Credit: @robcrock

Credit: @robcrock

And Ivett...

 Credit: @IvettAlexa

Credit: @IvettAlexa

Thankfully, this isn’t a beauty contest.

Anyone can play this game. It’s fun for kids, colleagues, classmates, literally anyone with a few colored pencils (or pens) and a piece of paper.

To get started grab a handful of your preferred drawing utensils. To follow Giorgia's framework you are going to need a few colors. Of course you can go bare bones with shades of grey, but color's more fun. At the very least, grab a pack of Crayola off the shelf of the nearest convenient store.

Here's step one of Lupi's guide to get you going

 Credit: ideas.ted.com

Credit: ideas.ted.com

In an upcoming post, I’ll share a framework I made up to see myself from another angle.


Call me conceited 😎

We would love to see your creations! So share your selfies on the socials and mention @giorgialupi, @AccuratStudio, @IvettAlexa and @RobCrock.

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